v-36 alloy colombia

Common raw materials

Forging display

CNC processing

Cold spray additive manufacturing of Invar 36 alloy:

2021510 · The heat-treated CS Invar 36 alloys fabricated by propelling gas of nitrogen (800 °C and 5 MPa) and helium (800 °C and 2 MPa) presented tensile

: Chaoyue Chen, Yingchun Xie, Longtao Liu, Ruixin Zhao, Xiaoli Jin, Shanqing Li, Renzhong Huang, Jiang...

Microstructures and unique low thermal expansion of

202081 · The Invar 36 alloy is dominated by the fcc γ phase, and there are some sparse bcc α precipitates. Low laser energy density results in the lack-of fusion pores

: Qidong Yang, Kai Wei, Kai Wei, Xujing Yang, Haiqiong Xie, Zhaoliang Qu, Daining Fang

VDM-Metals | Alloy36

Characteristics of VDM® Alloy 36. VDM® Alloy 36 (1.3912/K93600) is ferromagnetic at temperatures below the Curie temperature and non-magnetic at temperatures above.