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Dynamic RNA acetylation revealed by

2020617 · Ac4C is markedly induced in response to increases in temperature, and acetyltransferase-deficient archaeal strains exhibit

: Aldema Sas-Chen, Justin M. Thomas, Donna Matzov, Masato Taoka, Kellie D. Nance, Ronit Nir, Keri M. B...

Quantitative nucleotide resolution profiling of RNA

2021326 · In addition, it may be possible to integrate ac4C-seq with other hydride-based sequencing methods to simultaneously profile additional modified nucleobases

: Supuni Thalalla Gamage, Aldema Sas-Chen, Schraga Schwartz, Jordan L. Meier

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201911 · ac4CmRNA。 ac4C,(CDS)。


m6A,ac4C!Cellac4C - m6ARNA——ac4C-RNA•