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2017715 · This study introduces a novel punch forming method based on a laser-induced cavitation bubble. The laser-induced cavitation bubble serves as a stamping

: T. N. Chen, Z. N. Guo, B. W. Zeng, S. H. Yin, Y. Deng, H. H. Li


Chemical denomination: AlCu4Ti | Numerical denomination: 21 100. Wheelset bearing housing for rail vehicle Alufont-52, artificially aged Sand casting 920 × 840 × 330 mm, weight: 62 kg. ICE II gearbox housing


ENAC-AlCu4Ti / ENAC-21100 - SteelNumber - Aluminium

ENAC-AlCu4Ti ( ENAC-21100 ) EN 1706: 2010 Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Castings. Chemical composition and mechanical properties. Equivalent grades of grade ENAC

Classification: Aluminium alloy for casting

Influence of Punch Velocity on Deformation Behavior in