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Aluminum Alloy Analysis : SHIMADZU

20221124 · This Application News introduces the analysis of aluminum alloys by EPMA. AC4CH (Al-Si-Mg (Fe)) aluminum foundry alloy is widely used for automobile cast components that offer excellent


Mechanical properties of AC4CH alloys produced by

2022227 · This paper reports an investigation of the mechanical properties of cast aluminium AC4CH alloys produced by a unique casting method known as the heated

: M Okayasu, S Takeuchi, Y Ohkura, T Shiraishi [PDF]

AC4CH (Al-Si-Mg(Fe)) aluminum foundry alloy is widely

2020930 · AC4CH (Al-Si-Mg (Fe)) aluminum alloy contains trace additive elements of 0.2 wt% max. Fe and 0.05 wt% max. Pb, which precipitate at high concentration in areas


Flow simulation and solidification phenomena of AC4CH