400-500 tungsten carbide copper contacts

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Tungsten and tungsten carbide based contact materials

Abstract: By means of a single phase vacuum model switch with a current range from 50 A (for current chopping) to 1500 A (for AC4 contact erosion) contact materials of the group

: V. Behrens, T. Honig, A. Kraus

Metal Thin Films for Contacts and Interconnects - MKS

It can be seen that, within an IC structure, metals are used as gate and electrode contacts (Tungsten Silicide, light region above the source and drain), contact plugs (Tungsten


Copper-based tungsten coating by CVD: Microstructure,

20211125 · The most widely used and mature tungsten halide system was used in the CVD process. And the reaction during the deposition process can be expressed by


Tungsten Carbide Copper - Stanford Advanced Materials

202259 · Tungsten Copper Carbide is a refractory Tungsten-based composite obtained by the process of pressing, sintering and infiltrating. The Tungsten content


Electrical Contacts are made from a Variety of Materials